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CDAP Introduction and Strategy: What is Coming in 2021 and Beyond

February 11, 2021 6:00 PM

CDAP: Where Do We Go From Here?

Chai Pydimukkala Google

This session will discuss the strategy and vision of the CDAP and how Google is investing into the open source platform to shape it into a next generation enterprise integration platform for data analysts, data engineers and ETL developers. Get a sneak peak into CDAP journey so far and learn about the CDAP roadmap for 2021.

Featured Speaker: LiveRamp

Sagar Batchu LiveRamp

At LiveRamp Data Scientists, Data Engineers, and Technical services are all involved in the data science value chain. Often developing customer insights means collaboration between these teams within our organization and their counterparts in our client organizations. Data Operations is key to enabling these teams to self-service and collaborate on data pipelines that can be designed independently of where they may be executed. For a truly collaborative environment, teams must be able to permissions their “recipes” to other teams for co-development, be it a simple SQL query in a warehouse or a complex data hygiene pipeline to integrate multiple legacy sources. CDAP gives our data teams the ability to construct these pre-built recipes and distribute them on an internal marketplace. Its inherent extensibility means we can build custom extensions for authentication and authorization so that every action and software artifact within the platform is addressable by our internal permissions systems. By deeply integrating CDAP within our data value chain we reduce time to value for our teams while also enabling them to collaborate and leverage common apis, operations, and workflows.